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Design-oriented solutions for interior workmanship

As a leading manufacturer of Glass Reinforced Gypsum applications, with a great variety of strong yet light architectural components, we can meet any demand for exclusive interior workmanship for commercial as well as residential constructions.

The structure and organisation of our company enables us to offer

standard products as well as one-off projects (tailored work) in a

short term.

Because of this, Vari now produces under its own private label for

renowned customers

ID-number BE008019-1

ISO 9001 Bureau Veritas


Certificate number 13605/BO EC

Veritas Marine Division

Certificate number SMS. W.I.CE.D/55230A.0

The Wheel Mark

WF report number 158594

Warringthon fire report

Belgian sportstechnology club


Lid van M.V.O. Vlaanderen

M.V.O. Vlaanderen

Duurzaam en ecologisch werkzaam

Duurzaamheid en ecologie

GRG know-how

Our technical staff has extensive know-how on GRG products. They give advice on, they design and invent creative, contemporary applications for various hi-tech projects in construction and ship interiors in Europe and from Asia over the Middle East to the United States.

Our ISO 9001 accredited company disposes of various certificates which enable us to function worldwide. Vari also tries to maintain a sustainable and green management with respect to raw and waste materials. This according to the Cradle to Cradle vision (C2C). Therefore our company cares for the environment.

Corporate sustainability is a continuous improvement process in which companies include economic, environmental and social considerations voluntarily and systematically into their corporate management system in an integrated way, in which communication with the company’s stakeholders plays an important role.

We aim for a perfect implementation of your interior design project.Our works are executed with professional preparation and precise workmanship by experts with years of experience.